Sam Symes

He began his career in Finance as a Business Analyst & Corporate Training Coordinator. Sam then moved to Sports Management, developing, and coaching elite athletes while designing sports leadership programs for domestic and international schools, before moving into Educational Leadership for over a decade working as a Principal/Headmaster through several culturally diverse settings.

A leader in systems leadership, education as an economy and business development, Sam has presented at both and National and International level in both educational research, development, and strategical organisational design. He has built successful and sustainable systems leadership in several organisational contexts as lead and as a consultant, sharing and refining high yield leadership systems and strategies.

Sam can translate experience in systems development as a practitioner in the corporate, sporting and educational fields, with an eye to system improvement using cross-sectoral experiences and evidence- based research and practice.

As a consultant, Sam’s work crosses business and organisational industry line, working with corporate, educational, and industrial leaders alike. His focus is on the leader and supporting them to understand Systems Leadership theory and strategies to support their organisational leadership intention into a reality.

Sam’s ability to identify middle management human capability and talent and to support their leadership development to achieve at and above their level of work, has been critical in building future workforce strategies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Educational Systems Leadership Theory coaching, mentoring, facilitation and design.
  • Organisational strategic planning and analysis.
  • Middle and executive leadership coaching and mentoring using the systems leadership approach.
  • Training and leadership development planning and pedagogy.
  • Organisational behaviour, culture, systems, and redesign.
  • Leadership and team development & the design of people systems.
  • Work design and workshop facilitation.
  • Business coaching on Systems Leadership approach & theory, turning research into practice.


  • Bachelor of Education: Human Science & Statistics (Australian Catholic University)
  • Executive Master’s in Business Administration (EMBA) (Quantic School of Business and Technology)
  • Currently Studying a Bachelor of Psychology – Organisational (James Cook University)


  • Systems Leadership Development Association (SLDA) - Committee
  • Systems Leadership Association Queensland (SLA)
  • Australian Council of Educational Leadership (ACEL) – Queensland
  • Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP)
  • Principal Director – Infinite Solutions Consulting