Macdonald Associates Consultancy

Macdonald Associates Consultancy (MAC) is an international consultancy company working in many different sectors and countries.

The consultancy work we do is built upon a set of practical and proven concepts known as
Systems Leadership Theory.

Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential.
It uses sound principles about human behaviour to create models of good leadership, organisational strategy, systems design and social process.

It provides leaders with tools that help to predict people’s behaviour in their organisation. It also helps to build effective systems which drive productive behaviour and lead to a more effective realisation of the organisation’s purpose.

Systems Leadership has been developed by Dr Ian Macdonald throughout his career as an academic and a management and organisational behaviour expert, Professor Catie Burke of the University of Southern California and Karl Stewart, first as a Managing Director and now as a consultant.

It has a basis in the work of Elliot Jaques and has since been added to by other MAC Associates and clients.

Who we are

We are a network of consultants all of whom have worked in organisations often at a high level. Each consultant brings special skills and knowledge. We also draw on other consultants who are trained in our concepts and methods as needed.

We also work in partnership with other consultancies where appropriate, in particular Bioss International Limited.

What we do

We work in partnership with leaders in organisations to help create positive and productive outcomes and help create the conditions where people can work creatively in a just and fair context.

We do not come with pre-set packaged solutions neither do we impose ideas. We work to understand each situation and so apply and develop our concepts and tools appropriately and relevantly. It is an holistic approach.

Case studies

Our work with clients is documented (with permission) and published as detailed examples of our work.

In this section there is also a series of key short conceptual papers.