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Spring 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have now registered the Systems Leadership Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation that will pay for, or subsidise work with organisations that otherwise would not be able to afford consultancy. We can also use these funds to help train and develop individuals. More information will be available soon.

With the end of the Covid restrictions in sight and a chance to reflect how the pandemic has affected our lives we would like to announce the publication of Organisations and Leadership during Covid-19: Studies using Systems Leadership Theory a collaboration between members of the Systems Leadership Development Association.

All of us have direct experience of how the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the world around us, our families, the people with whom we interact and work and the different regions and countries where we live. These experiences are part of a universal shared context. This study concerns a particular aspect of that context - organisational and leadership responses to the Pandemic. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how the body of knowledge known as Systems Leadership can be used to better explain why organisational and leadership responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic were effective (or not). Examples will demonstrate good practice but also help understand why some were less successful.

The book can be purchased from retailers including Awesome Books, Waterstones and Amazon

Organisations and Leadership
during Covid-19

ISBN 978-0-646-84924-9 - Paperback

ISBN 978-0—646-84925-6 – eBook (epub)

Summer 2021

During these difficult and challenging times, we are continuing to work remotely with clients. We hope all our clients, associates and friends remain safe and well. The planned 2020 SLDA conference in USA has been postponed. Please check the SLDA website for updates.

If you would like to view the material from the 2019 SLDA conference, please check the SLDA website.

Improving Schools Using Systems Leadership was published by Routledge in July 2019. The book explains how Systems Leadership can and has been applied in schools, particularly in Far North Queensland, to bring clarity to the purpose, structure and systems within a school and have a major impact on its success. The authors, Ian Macdonald, Clive Dixon and Tony Tiplady, presented the book at last year's conference and copies are selling well. The book can be purchased at Routledge here

Purchase at Routledge

The Systems Leadership Association established in March 2015 for the principals of the high schools and colleges in far north Queensland continues to develop under the leadership of Mark Allen.

We are providing continuing consultancy and training for a Mexican mining company remotely at this time. We are also providing bespoke consulting services to train and advise two major mining companies on leadership development and organisational effectiveness.

SLT Materials Library

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Creating Positive Organisations

The second edition of Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organisations is now available to buy.

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